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IVF with donor (IVFD)Short protocol step-by-step

With us, lesbian couples get the opportunity for IVF with donor sperm. Many heterosexual couples also use the treatment in cases where the man does not produce sperm.

In both cases, the first step is always The Fertility Test. First, the doctor reviews your medical history with you. Then the doctor performs a gynaecological examination of the uterus and ultrasound of the ovaries. In some cases, it is also necessary to examine the fallopian tube function. If necessary, the doctor takes samples of hormones and chromosomes.

The results are ready the same day. Those who want to proceed with treatment will review treatment plans and practical details with a nurse. The nurse will help you with the sperm donor process so that you are ready for the next phase.

Step 1: IVF with donor (IVFD) Start-up

Start-up can take place as quickly as 1-4 weeks after the first review with a doctor and nurse. The woman starts with hormonal stimulation on day 2 of menstruation. From the 5th day of stimulation, she takes a daily medication to prevent ovulation.

After 9 days of stimulation, there is ultrasound. Then we see how many eggs are maturing and which day is best for egg retrieval. The clinic receives sperm from the donor clinic well before egg retrieval and fertilisation.

Step 2: IVF with donor (IVFD)Egguttak

Egg retrieval is between 12-15 days after start-up. We retrieve the eggs and store them in petri dishes. To ensure the best possible natural fertilisation, we also process sperm samples.

After fertilisation, our goal is one or more good embryos. To ensure the best possible result, we monitor the development of a digital incubator (Embryoscope, Eeva, Geri). Day 1, after fertilisation, we call you with an update on the development.

Step 3: IVF with donor (IVFD)Insertion

We return the embryo 2-5 days after egg retrieval. We put back the embryo that shows the best development. Often we can choose from several good embryos. We can freeze these for later return if necessary.

Step 4: IVF with donor (IVFD)Results

The big day! 15 days after egg retrieval, you take a regular pregnancy test at home and let us know the result.

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Those who consider IVFD fertility treatment should start with The Fertility Test

The Fertility Test gives lesbian and heterosexual couples the answers they need. The test is also for couples who have previously had trials and attempts. The Fertility Test is entirely non-binding.

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