We help couples and singles become a family.

More than 6,000 children have been born thanks to experienced doctors and a skilled fertility team at our clinics in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Porsgrunn and Haugesund.

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The Fertility Test.

People who come to us start with The Fertility Test. The test is adapted to both singles and couples and gives you the answers you need.

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Fertility and IVF.

We have gathered the most important information about fertility and IVF on this page. Everything is divided according to the needs of each patient group.

Start here If you are unsure where to begin.

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Are you considering assisted fertilisation?

Where to start? Here you have some of the overview pages on our website. Much of the most important is gathered on these pages.

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IVF success rates.

When you come to one of our clinics you receive the very best treatment and we deliver best-in-class results.

Read more about the IVF success rates of our patients.

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Fertility treatment step-by-step

Wondering how IVF (with or without a donor) works? We have made a step-by-step overview of fertility treatment.

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Do you need an appointment with a gynaecologist? When you come to our clinics, you meet gynaecologists with long experience who help women of all ages.

You find more information on the overview page for gynaecology.

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For those who are pregnant.

Are you pregnant and want an ultrasound? With us, you get help from doctors who are specialists in gynaecology and obstetrics.

Not sure where to start? We have created an overview page for those who are pregnant. A gynaecologist can help you with a pregnancy with the lowest possible risk.

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Become egg donor at Klinikk Hausken.

Do you want to become an egg donor? Read more about how it goes and who can become a donor.

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Articles and updates.

Fertility treatment is constantly evolving. Here you will find articles and updates about technological development and new treatments at our clinics.

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Dr Jon W. Hausken

In 2006, Dr Jon W. Hausken started Klinikk Hausken in Haugesund. Today you also find our clinics in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.

Read more about the team of doctors and IVF specialists that made Klinikk Hausken Norway's largest fertility clinic.

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Customer testimonials.

For many, fertility treatment is unknown and perhaps a little scary. Therefore, we have collected som customer testimonials. It can be good to see that others have the same thoughts that you have.

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Here are some of the questions about IVF patients often ask us. Many of the answers may be helpful to you as well.

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Website overview.

Do you not find what you are looking for? We have gathered all the pages on an website overview.

Repayment plan.

You have the opportunity to pay IVF treatments with flexible repayment plan. You can also choose a free invoice with up to a 60-day payment deadline.