Patient portal.

As a patient, you communicate with us via our patient portal.

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To maintain your privacy, we at Klinikk Hausken have opened a patient portal so that you can communicate with us under completely secure conditions.

Go directly to our patient portal here:

Patient portal

Each patient gets a personal account, regardless of partner, which gives you a direct insight into appointments, medical records, treatment protocols, test results, prescriptions and much more.

Included in the portal is a communication tool that allows you to send direct messages to us. All you have to do is create a user account.

To create a new user:

  • Go to Patient portal
  • Your username is the e-mail address you have registered with us at Klinikk Hausken
  • You will receive a temporary password from Klinikk Hausken
  • Once logged in to the patient portal, select "My page"
  • Choose«Personal information»
  • Scroll down and select «Change password»

Please note that you can receive messages by e-mail and sms from Klinikk Hausken where we ask you to check your portal. This is where we will post all the information about your treatment in the future and where we will communicate digitally.

Of course, we are always available by phone and post, but the portal is a great tool that will maintain your privacy and make everyday life easier.

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