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Women in Norway now have the opportunity to donate eggs so that other couples can create their families. Below you will find info about who can donate and how it is done in practice.

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Many couples want to have the opportunity for fertility treatment with egg donation in Norway - the waiting list is long. Therefore, we are pleased that you may be considering donating some of your eggs. Following changes in the legislation, those between the ages of 25 and 34 can now donate eggs to these couples.

There were changes in the legislation in Norway which means that Klinikk Hausken and other fertility clinics can now help couples who want to receive eggs. However, to be able to help, we need willing donors.

Who becomes egg donor in Norway?

You may be wondering who will be egg donors at our clinic. We already have some experience with it. It is difficult to categorise the women who come to us and want to become donors - they are all regular women who, for various reasons, feel a need to help those who are unable to have children themselves.

A good number of the women who come to us have seen for themselves how friends or people they know have struggled to have children. For many, this became a situation that made it clear how important it is to be allowed to become a parent if you want to. For some, this experience made them take steps to become a donor.

Other women may not have experienced a similar situation themselves, but feel it is a very good thing to give to others. Women who have had children and women who have not had children choose to become donors with us.

How do you donate eggs?

First and foremost, the rule is that you are between 25-34 years old. One must also not have severe or hereditary diseases.

Klinikk Hausken has an egg donation team. It is this team that will have access to your medical records as an egg donor. If you have been a customer with us before, the new record will be stored separately.

After you contact us, we will send you blood test requisitions. With these, we get information about the status of infectious diseases and hormone status.

After we have received the results of the blood tests, you will be contacted by our egg donor coordinator, and you will receive an appointment with our family therapist. You can meet the therapist via video link.

Conversation with therapist and appointment with a doctor.

If the family therapist gives the green light, you get an appointment with the doctor, who can make a final assessment of suitability. It all sounds a bit strict, but we are glad that the legislation gives us clear instructions on the procedure.

At the appointment, the doctor does a gynaecological examination and ultrasound examination.

Your doctor can approve you as an egg donor if all criteria are met. If you want to become an egg donor, you then sign a consent form. You must be aware of the possibility you have to revoke consent until the fertilization of the eggs.

After registration, you will be registered in the central egg and sperm register and Klinikk Hausken will be assigned a unique donor code. All information about you will be deleted from us after we receive the donor code.

Contact person and practical guidance.

You get your own nurse, who will be your contact person throughout the treatment process. Among other things, you get information about how the hormone stimulation takes place. Syringe instructions and details about the egg extraction itself are also things that you get information about, and you always have the opportunity to come up with questions. It is essential that you always feel confident in the process.

About 4 weeks before egg retrieval, you must take new infection samples, and you should avoid unprotected intercourse. If the tests are negative, the hormone stimulation can start.

You take one or more ultrasound examinations at Klinikk Hausken or at a gynaecologist we work with who is closer to you.

After 2-3 weeks, egg retrieval can usually begin. This is done either at the clinic in Oslo or Haugesund.

Financial compensation for egg donors.

There are precise guidelines for financial compensation for those who become egg donors. However, financial gain is not meant to be a reason to become a donor.

Compensation is 5% of 1G - that corresponds to approx. 5000 kroner. In addition, you have the right to be reimbursed for documented travel expenses and medicines used in connection with hormone stimulation and egg retrieval.

If the donor withdraws the consent before fertilization of eggs has taken place, she can still be reimbursed for documented travel expenses.

Contact us if you want to become a donor.

We know that there can be a lot of information to take in. But remember that you can always contact us, and we will guide you through the process

If you are considering becoming a donor, you can contact us directly on our donor telephone, where you will be met by a nurse whose task is to help you - both before and during the donation process.

Our donor telephone

Call us on our donor phone 45731628. We are available Monday to Friday at 09-12 and 13-15.

Donor hotline

Telephone: 45731628
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