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"Reduced sperm quality is one of the most common reasons why couples do not get pregnant. A sperm analysis at Klinikk Hausken will give you an answer within a few hours."

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The first thing to test when a couple does not become pregnant is sperm quality.

.Reduced sperm quality is probably due to lifestyle and environmental factors. It seems that modern society has adverse effects on men's fertility potential. But fortunately, opportunities for assisted reproduction have made significant progress.

Before, there was little one could do if sperm quality was poor. Today, many methods solve this problem. Sperm testing is a simple examination where you can test everything from volume, number, assess mobility and appearance. In addition, various tests can be performed to assess the fertility potential.

At Klinikk Hausken, you can get an appointment, have tests performed and receive results within a couple of hours. If the sperm quality is reduced, you will be offered follow-up and information about which measures will realize the dream of children.

If one has tried to achieve pregnancy for more than six months without success, one should test the sperm quality. This is because reduced sperm quality alone or combined with infertility problems in women make up over 50% of causes of missed pregnancies.

Sperm testing is also the easiest to test, so why should the woman take the initiative for many unnecessary tests when you can easily arrange this yourself.

What can I do myself to improve sperm quality? Unfortunately, not much has proven to increase quality and quantity. The only thing we know for sure is that sperm production thrives best at a slightly lower temperature than the body's own. This is why the testicles hang where they hang. Tight-fitting clothing will increase the temperature and is negative. What about cycling? We do not know, but based on temperature, many hours on a bicycle seat daily will probably have an adverse effect. Diet, vitamins and minerals? Many people swear by dietary supplements, but no major studies have been able to show sure positive effects. Living healthy with a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and general physical and mental well-being are positive for body and soul. This probably also applies to sperm production, but we do not know for sure. Smoking will, over time, have adverse effects. Sperm quality also decreases with age.

Sterilised men can be easily helped by extracting sperm from the testicle or epididymis. A minor procedure where one aspirates sperm with a small thin needle. However, this presupposes that the woman undergoes IVF. If she has no fertility problems, the chances of success are very high. We know that sperm production varies, and in a given lucky moment, even men with very reduced sperm quality will achieve pregnancy with their woman. But testing yourself, getting information about any measures is easy and very smart. Klinikk Hausken encourages men to be more active applicants when pregnancy does not occur.

Male patient in modern clinic interior
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