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With us, you meet a skilled team of employees who all work to realise your dream of having children.

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Klinikk Hausken is the largest IVF clinic in Norway. We have four branches in Norway with a fantastic team of dedicated people who are ready to help you. Below you find an overview of all the positive and talented employees you meet in our clinics. Some of them work at several of our branches.

IVF specialists:

Portrait of Dr Jon W. Hausken

Dr Jon W. Hausken

Medical Director

Portrait of Dr Kirsten Øvergaard Hope

Dr Kirsten Øvergaard Hope

Doctor/IVF Specialist

Portrait of Dr Arne Schwennicke

Dr Arne Schwennicke

Doctor/IVF Specialist

Portrait of Dr Cecilie Golden

Dr Cecilie Golden

Doctor/IVF Specialist

Portrait of Dr Ørjan L. Vermeer

Dr Ørjan L. Vermeer

Doctor/IVF Specialist

portrait of Dr Guri Pande Roflsen

Dr Guri Pande-Rolfsen

Doctor/IVF Specialist

Portrait of Dr Adrian Botea

Dr Adrian Botea

Doctor/IVF Specialist

Portrett of Dr Ragni Kvestad Idland

Dr Ragni Kvestad Idland

Doctor/IVF Specialist

Admin & HR:

Portrait of customer and admin manager Camilla Vågen Dibley

Camilla Vågen Dibley

Customer & Admin. Manager

Portrait of customer and admin coordinator Anette A. Simonsen

Anette A. Simonsen

Customer & Admin. Coordinator

Portrait of Ingrid Kongsvik Rommetveit

Ingrid Kongsvik Rommetveit

HR Manager


Portrait of head nurse Elise Amundsen

Elise Amundsen

Head Nurse

Portrait of nurse Synnøve Flotve

Synnøve Flotve


Portrait of nurse Christine Poetzsch Elisenberg

Christine Poetzsch Elisenberg


Portrait of nurse Line Tunsberg Enoksen

Line Tunsberg Enoksen


Portrait of nurse Hilde Cotton

Hilde Cotton


Portrait av nurse Ann-Cahrtin Elvegård

Ann-Cathrin Elvegård


Portrait of Kine Ølund Hansen

Kine Ølund Hansen


Portrait of Daniela Anzalone Portale

Daniela Anzalone Portale


Portrait of Birthe Gunnerød

Birthe Gunnerød


Portrait of Linn-Therese Tennfjord-Bjærum

Linn-Therese Tennfjord-Bjærum


Portrait of Monica Halsteinsgard Kaasa

Monica Halsteinsgard Kaasa


Customer coordinators:

Portrait of customer coordinator Hanne-Ma Hansrud

Hanne-Ma Hansrud

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of customer and admin coordinator Elisabeth Fjeldheim Riise

Elisabeth Fjeldheim Riise

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of customer coordinator Camilla Serneblad

Camilla Serneblad

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of customer coordinator Lill Malen Jørgensen

Lill Malén Jørgensen

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of customer coordinator Janicke Bachke Brun

Janicke Bachke Brun

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of Svanhild Haugen

Svanhild Haugen

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of Pernille Aurora Baardseth

Pernille Aurora Baardseth

Customer Coordinator

Portrait of Cathrine Knudsen

Cathrine Knudsen

Customer Coordinator

Family therapist:

Portrait of family therapist Tone Bråten

Tone Bråten

Family Therapist


Portrait of head of lab Shabana Sayed

Shabana Sayed

Head of Lab

Portrait of embryologist Wibke Hillebrecht

Wibke Hillebrecht


Portrait of embryologist Heidi Sysanne Rognlien

Heidi Susanne Rognlien


Portrait of embryologist Parminder Kaur Bhambra

Parminder Kaur Bhambra


Portrait of embryologist Marte Aase Jakobsen

Marte Aase Jakobsen


Portrait of embryologist Herman Evensen

Herman S. F. Evensen


Portrait of embryologist Blagica Vasilevska

Blagica Vasilevska


Portrait of Hanne Johansen

Hanne Johansen


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The clinic has grown since 2006. We help more singles and couples with IVF treatment than anyone else.

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You get a personally tailored treatment plan. It is an important reason for our success rate.

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