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Check your fertility with an app-based home test. It could not be easier.

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Do you want a simple home test to examine sperm quality? Then an ExSeed Health home test is the solution. The do-it-yourself test is app-based and has 95% accuracy. When you order the test, you receive the test kit in a neutral postal package, and you follow the instructions in the app. For the vast majority, the test provides a satisfactory answer in line with a clinic test.

Klinikk Hausken collaborates with ExSeed Health, and you can buy the test in our clinics or directly in the online store. The package is sent in neutral packaging. If you come to us later for further examination or treatment, you can bring the test result to us.

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Many men want to examine their fertility even though they do not necessarily plan to have children right away. ExSeed makes it easy for you to map status. The test is also suitable for men in relationships who want to examine their fertility in a simple way.

We know that 1 in 6 couples experience infertility, and in 40% of these cases, the cause lies with the man. In addition, we know that sperm quality has decreased by 50% in the last 40 years, and 1/3 of young men have such low sperm quality that they will experience fertility problems *. A home test with ExSeed can be an easy way for single men to learn about their fertility status.

Even if a good sperm quality has been proven with a home test, there may be other reasons why pregnancy does not occur. Those who do not become pregnant after a few months should map out the situation. The fertility check with us gives the answers you need. Read more about The Fertility Test here.

Klinikk Hausken works closely with ExSeed Health, and it is now easy for you to test sperm quality at home in a private environment. The test can also help you with lifestyle changes that can improve sperm quality. If you later consider fertility treatment, you can take the test to our clinic for further examination. We recommend a regular sperm test and analysis at the clinic for those who have already started the fertility treatment process.

The test gives you answers to the following:

  • Semen volume
  • Sperm cell concentration (million/ml)
  • Sperm motility
  • Total motile sperm (million)

How to use an Exseed sperm test:

  • Download the Exseed app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions.
  • A semen sample is collected in a cup. The sample should rest for approx. 15 minutes until it is liquid.
  • With the pipette, which is built into the lid of the cup, a drop of the semen sample is transferred to the slide. Remaining liquid is removed from the slide. It is then inserted into the Exseed device.
  • The camera on your mobile phone (smartphone) is placed over the ExSeed device. A video of the sample is registered in the app and sent directly for analysis in "the cloud".
  • It takes approx. 1-2 minutes before the analysis is performed, and the result is displayed directly in the app.

You can buy the test online here>>. The test kit is mailed in neutral packaging.

You can improve sperm quality.

Scientific studies show that men can improve sperm quality with a healthier lifestyle. The ExSeed Health app can help you with this via personalised and tailored lifestyle courses from ExSeed Health.

Read about the different options here >>: ExSeed Bootcamp, ExSeed Coaching.

* Source: Jørgensen et al., 2012, BMJ Open Levine et al., 2017, Hum Rep Update

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