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The time before pregnancy can be difficult - therefore it is important that you as a patient feel safe with us.

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We at Klinikk Hausken welcome you home. Because that's how we want you to feel when you come to us. For many, it is a heavy burden to bear not to conceive children on their own. We at clinic Hausken want to ease this burden.

With our long experience in assisted reproduction, high competence and empathy, we will help you on the journey towards becoming a parent.

Book an appointment with us today, and we can have a more detailed chat about what you see for yourself and how we can help you. And since we have no waiting time with us, it is not long before you have started the journey towards becoming a parent.

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The Fertility Test.

Have you and your partner tried to conceive for a few months without a positive result? Most couples usually wait too long before seeking help. Did you know that if everything is "normal" then you should be able to get pregnant when you decide that you are ready. If this does not happen, we recommend at Klinikk Hausken that you and your partner take The Fertility Test. Do not waste precious time - seek help today.

We Klinikk Hausken are specialists in infertility and can with a simple examination of you and your partner plan where your fertility journey should go in order to achieve the best results. It can be anything from a light hormone stimulation to IVF treatment. The Fertility Test gives you same-day answers about what it takes for your dream of becoming a parent to become a reality.

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"The experience of The Fertility Test was outstanding. We felt well taken care of by Dr. Jon Hausken. His demeanour convinced us that he knew his area of expertise, and we gained confidence that we could get help here. The conversation with the nurse was also very informative. We felt we were given a generous amount of time."

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Booking an appointment for a consultation.

You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail after you have either called us or booked an appointment through our email system. This letter will also contain information about what will happen during the consultation. There will also be requisitions for blood tests that we would like you to take in advance of the class. The standard samples that must be available before any treatment are HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Rubella is also checked on the woman. A list of approved laboratories will also be attached.

What happens during The Fertility Test at Klinikk Hausken?

The consultation takes approx. two hours. Firstly you meet the doctor, and during the conversation, the doctor takes time to form a picture of your problem and answer any questions you may have. For the woman, The Fertility Test also includes an ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries. For the man, a semen analysis will be performed. The answers to the tests and examinations will be available during the consultation.

Your doctor will then provide you with information on treatment options and your prognosis for successful treatment.

Furthermore, you get a conversation with a nurse who carefully goes through the most relevant treatment proposal. The nurse informs you about all treatment-related practical matters such as time aspect, ultrasound checks locally where you live, medication handling, injection instructions, prices, contract, etc.

AppointmentThe Fertility Test
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IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilisation).

IVF means in vitro fertilisation. First, the woman goes through a down-regulation and stimulation process. After a set period, an ultrasound is performed to check the mucosa and the number of follicles. Based on this ultrasound, the date of egg removal is determined. Sometimes it is necessary to continue with medication for a few additional days and then another ultrasound.

On the day of egg retrieval, you check in at the reception, where contracts will be signed, ID checked, and payment received. You will then be assigned a separate room where you can relax before the egg retrieval. Now it's also time for the man to hand over the semen sample to be used in conjunction with the egg retrieval. We have dedicated rooms where the man can take the test in peace and quiet. This is planned so that you can both join the lab for the egg collection. It is always good to have a loved one next to you.

After the egg retrieval, you will be able to relax in your room. If the nurse has been in and talked to you, you are "free" to go home. Then wait for a phone call from us the following day about how the conception went. You will also be informed at this telephone call when the insertion will take place. At Klinikk Hausken, all fertilized eggs are placed in an incubator called EmbryoScope. This revolutionary piece of equipment allows embryos to be filmed throughout cell division. The incubator makes the selection process more precise, and the embryologist can select the most promising embryo.

IVFD - We also offer IVF with donor sperm. This treatment is a good solution for couples where the man does not have sperm production or the sperm quality is too low.

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IVF 3-pack.

There are several criteria that must be met if one is to enter a package. The doctor reviews the criteria during The Fertility Test and informs if you have been approved for the package towards the end of this assessment. Here you can see a small overview of the basis for the doctor's decision and terms of use.

"IVF 3-pack" includes the same points and conditions as "IVF treatment". In addition, these terms and conditions apply:

  • The woman must not be over 39 years at the time of the contract.
  • The AMH should be above 5 and/or have the number of antrale follicles (ultrasound) of at least 10.
  • The treatment (up to 3 IVF attempts) should be completed within 18 months.
  • The contract is fulfilled after 3 initiated IVF attempts or when the couple hasreached pregnancy and has had children within the 3 attempts.
  • Freezing and returning thawed embryos is not included in the "3-pack" contract.
  • Additional treatments such as ICSI, surgical removal of sperm (TESE/PESA) are not included in the price.

The doctor considers each case separately in order to see if a 3-Pack treatment is advisable

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Price list

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