Diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy

"A hysteroscopy can clarify whether everything is normal in the uterine cavity before undergoing assisted reproduction."

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Hysteroscopy - Hysteros is Greek for the woman's uterus, while scopy means the use of special instruments for examination and observation.

Hysteroscopy, therefore, means that the doctor uses a special instrument, the hysteroscope, to examine the inside of the woman's uterus. A light cable and video camera are attached to the hysteroscope so that the doctor can see the inside of the uterus.

When the doctor is only inside and examining, it is called a diagnostic hysteroscopy. It is also possible to pass instruments through channels in the hysteroscope and perform operations inside the uterine cavity. We call this surgical hysteroscopy.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy can be done before assisted fertilisation to examine whether the uterine cavity is normal in shape and size. If something is wrong, you can correct this before the treatment starts. As a rule, the uterine cavity will be normal, but you can find changes in some, such as polyps or adhesions. In others, you can see signs of local infections in the uterine lining.

With us, you can have both diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy done. Our doctors have extensive experience and have done hundreds of hysteroscopies. The procedure is an outpatient procedure and performed with local anaesthesia. If you need hysteroscopy, you can safely book an appointment with us.

Hysteroscopy can also be used to do a "scratching" of the endometrium to increase the chance of implantation.

Female patient in modern clinic interior
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