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Lesbian couples have several treatment options to choose from when they come to us.

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We help lesbian couples who want children. With us, you can choose between insemination with donor sperm (IUI Donor) or IVF with donor sperm (IVFD). We order donor sperm from Denmark, so you do not have to travel abroad in connection with the treatment.

At Klinikk Hausken you meet a team with high competence and long experience. There is no waiting time with us, so it does not have to take long before you can start the journey towards becoming a parent.

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IUI Donor.

Insemination with donor sperm is called IUI Donor and is the most widely used method of fertilization for lesbian couples. After the couple has been to The Fertility Test and information about treatment has been given, donor sperm is ordered from Denmark. The donor must not be anonymous and is chosen based on the couple's characteristics (ethnicity, eye color and hair color). The donor semen is frozen in something we call straw. These can be stored in our clinic pending treatment.

IUI Donor can be completed in a natural cycle or stimulated cycle (hormone stimulation). An ultrasound examination is done on menstrual day 10-11 to check that she is ovulating and that the mucous membrane is thick and fine. The woman then starts by examining LH hormone in urine (Clear plan). When LH becomes positive, insemination is performed the next day. Sometimes we give an ovulation syringe (Ovitrelle) to be sure of the timing. One straw is used per treatment. The straw is thawed and the sperm sample is then inserted into the uterine cavity with a catheter. This makes it easier for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

If the woman lacks ovulation or has a maturation problem, hormone stimulation can be given to ensure the necessary ovulation.

If there are causes of infertility in the woman, it may also be relevant to combine sperm donation and IVF treatment (IVFD). The price of insemination with donor sperm can be found in the price list. In addition, there is the cost of buying and shipping semen.

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"Everyone who works at Klinikk Hausken works for me to experience that my dream comes true. The nurses and doctors are absolutely fantastic. I have not doubted a single second from the first hour with you!"

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IVFD - IVF with donor sperm.

IVF means in vitro fertilisation. The woman goes through a down-regulation and stimulation process. After a set period, an ultrasound is performed to check the mucosa and the number of follicles. Based on this ultrasound, the date of egg removal is determined. Sometimes it is necessary to continue with medication for a few extra days and then get a new ultrasound. At the day of egg retrieval, you will complete check-in at reception, contracts will be signed, ID checked, and payment received. You will then be assigned a separate room where you can retire and relax before the egg retrieval. The nurse comes in with medication in advance of the withdrawal. You can go to the lab together. It is always good to have a hand to hold.

The donor sperm has now been prepared and will be placed in the petri dish together with the selected eggs. They will then be placed in an incubator. If the nurse has been inside and talked to you after the egg retrieval, you are "free" to go home. Then you should expect a phone call from us the following day about how the conception went. You will also be informed at this telephone call when the insertion will take place.

At Klinikk Hausken, all fertilised eggs are placed in an incubator called EmbryoScope. This is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows embryos to be filmed throughout cell division. This makes it easier for embryologists to select the best embryo.

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IVFD 3-pack.

There are several criteria that must be met in order to forward with a 3-pack. The doctor reviews the criteria during The Fertility Test and will inform you if you have been approved for the package towards the end of this assessment. Here you can see an overview of what is the basis for the doctor's decision and terms of use:

  • The woman must not be over 39 years at the time of the contract.
  • The AMH should be above 5 and/or have the number of antrale follicles (ultrasound)of at least 10.
  • The treatment (up to 3 IVF attempts) should be completed within 18 months.
  • The contract is fulfilled after 3 initiated IVF attempts or when the couple hasreached pregnancy and has had children within the 3 attempts.
  • Freezing and returning thawed embryos is not included in the "3-pack" contract.

The doctor considers each case separately in order to see if a 3-Pack treatment is advisable

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Price list

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