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Jon Hausken: What is hysteroscopy? Yes, we go into the uterine cavity to see if there may be causes inside the uterine cavity. What can be the reasons? Yes, it could be polyps. Polyps, what are they? Yes, it is mucosal growth that makes small growths. Why can it be a problem? If they have growths located in the middle of the uterine cavity, then the embryo or egg can attach to it. And there is not enough circulation, and thus you do not get pregnant. It can almost seem like a spiral. This can then be examined with hysteroscopy.

Jon Hausken: It is a simple examination performed in a regular G.U. chair without any kind of anaesthesia. The scope is only 3.5 mm and is inserted through, under the guidance of the sight, into the cervical canal up into the uterine cavity. It is completely painless. What can we see with that? Yes, we can see the uterine cavity. Does it have a normal shape? Could there be any polyps? Outgrowths from the mucous membrane? Could there be a partition? Or can there be some anatomical problems?

Jon Hausken: The examination itself only takes 2-3 minutes. But if then we find something. It may be a mucosal growth, so-called polyp. Then we can remove it in the same session. Either we can insert a pair of scissors through this scoop and cut it away. Or we can use an electric electrode and burn to remove it.


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