Causes of missed pregnancies - blocked fallopian tubes.

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Jon Hausken: You can have what is called blocked fallopian tubes, but most of the time they are not blocked. Rather, they use the expression that they are injured. And what does damaged fallopian tubes mean? It is about mobility. The fallopian tubes are actually muscle tubes that have a certain motility as we call it. In other words, a movement that transports the egg into the uterus so that it can attach.

Jon Hausken: What can be the cause of broken or damaged fallopian tubes? It is then, for example, an inflammation. People may be familiar with Chlamydia; it is quite typical. It may be previous surgery. But perhaps the most common is endometriosis. Endometriosis is a, what should we call it, a disease. It is also not a disease nor a normal condition.

Jon Hausken: Every time a woman has her period, some of these mucous cells will be repelled. They can then walk through the fallopian tubes, and then they can attach to the outside of the uterus, i.e. in the abdomen. And then it becomes a foreign body that the body will perceive. And thus the immune system will try to attack, and therefore you get an inflammatory condition. And this inflammatory condition means that things tend to stick together. This gives you what you call adhesions. And thus, the fallopian tubes work poorly when it comes to so-called mobility and motility.

Jon Hausken: How is the solution for blocked fallopian tubes? That was the start of the test tubes. In the early 70's it was ok that there were clogged fallopian tubes, and that was the only thing that was wrong. Then it was thought that we must be able to help these couples. That was when they found out, ok, we take out the eggs, mix them with sperm on the outside of the body and insert them into the uterine cavity.

Jon Hausken: So really blocked fallopian tubes were the start of test tubes. But then it has turned out that the methodology itself test tubes, which is an optimisation of all processes, it helps for all types of infertility problems. So today, the treatment for missed pregnancy is test tubes due to an optimisation of the maturation of the eggs, fertilisation and the implantation itself. That is the attachment in the uterine cavity.


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