Causes of missed pregnancies - sperm quality.

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Jon Hausken: A common cause of missed pregnancies is reduced sperm quality. Therefore, it is important that the man goes and examines himself because it's the easiest to investigate. You get appointment. Do an analysis. 10 minutes later, one has the answer as to whether it may be the cause of missed pregnancy.

Jon Hausken: What can we help those with poor sperm quality? Yes, then it is IVF - test tube treatment. Why? Yes, because then we can find the best sperm in the laboratory, and we can inject it right into the egg, and thus we help with fertilisation.

Jon Hausken: Why has a reduced sperm quality? Most often it is genetically determined. Some of the genes do not work optimally. This does not mean that they do not work, but they do not work optimally. And thus one gets in a way in that production some stop and thus one gets either reduced number of sperm or motility. It can also be something we call morphology. This means that they do not look completely normal.


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