Appointment - fertility treatment (IVF) in Haugesund.

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Do you want fertility treatment in Haugesund? Or maybe you are unsure if fertility treatment is needed or not? With us, you can easily book an appointment and get the answers you need.

The Fertility Test is often the first step when patients come to the clinic. With this simple survey, we map your fertility situation. Men can also order a simple semen analysis at our clinics.

2006. The clinic is easily accessible at Karmsundsgaten in the same building around the emergency room and the fire station. Furthermore, it is a short distance to the city centre, and the clinic is easily accessible from the airport.


You do not need a referral to book an appointment with us.

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It is essential to find out why you are not getting pregnant. Our clinics have doctors with long and broad experience who can help you find the causes. With us, you get a treatment that is adapted to your situation and your life. It returns good results.

  • IUI Partner
  • IUI Donor
  • IVF treatment
  • IVFD - IVF with donor sperm
  • ICSI
  • micro-TESE
  • FER
  • Semen analysis test
  • Diagnostic TESE/PESA
  • and much more...
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Experience and expertise.

Since 2006, Klinikk Hausken has offered fertility treatments to patients in Norway. We now have experienced IVF specialists at four clinics. In addition to the department in Haugesund, you will find us in Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo. All clinics have the latest in modern equipment and offer a high level of expertise.

In Haugesund, the founder of the clinic, Dr Jon Hausken, work with Dr Arne Schwennicke. All three also work at our other departments in Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo.

"Everyone who works at Klinikk Hausken works for me to experience that my dream comes true. The nurses and doctors are absolutely fantastic. I have not doubted a single second from the first hour with you!"

Elisabeth & Helen from Oslo

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Klinikk Hausken Haugesund


Karmsundgaten 59

5531 Haugesund


Postboks 4113

5506 Haugesund

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday  08-16

Telephone & Live Chat:

09-12 & 13-15

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"Klinikk Hausken has modern clinics in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen og Haugesund. We are where you are."

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Our team of doctors and embryologists work with the latest and innovative technology

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Leader in Norway

The clinic has grown since 2006. We help more singles and couples with IVF treatment than anyone else.

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You get a personally tailored treatment plan. It is an important reason for our success rate.

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