Price list gynaecology and ultrasound.

Our gynaecologists help women of all ages with routine check-ups, pap smear and other gynaecological examinations.

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Here is an overview of the prices for gynaecological examinations and ultrasaound. Remember that the clinic also performs both diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy.

Other treatment options include aquascanning, cyst puncture and freezing of condyloma. No referral required.

Gynaecology and ultrasound

Gynaecological examination

For example cell sample, ultrasound, bleeding disorders, menopause.

Price NOK 1850,-

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Prenatal checkup with ultrasound

Price NOK 1850,-

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3D ultrasound

Recommended between weeks 26 and 32.

Price NOK 2230,-

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No-show fee

Price NOK 570,-




You do not pay extra for simple procedures such as scratching

Price NOK 8740,-

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Price NOK 11 500,-

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NIPT is a reliable and safe genetic screening without risk to the fetus.

Price NOK 9300,-

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Pipelle sampling

Scratching is performed by making a slight wound in the uterine lining. As in a standard gynaecological examination, it is performed without the need for anaesthesia. A small plastic tube is inserted into the uterine cavity and "scrapes" the surface so that you get a controlled injury.

This can cause mild, short-term menstrual-like pain/discomfort. It may be that you have some minor bleeding afterwards. The "newly repaired" uterine lining is then more susceptible to an embryo to be implanted.

  • In the case of a long protocol, scratching is performed after the end of menstruation, before the start of spray.
  • With a short protocol, scartching is performed immediately after the end of menstruation in the cycle before the planned attempt.

Price NOK 1850,-


Aquascanning and fallopian tube examination

An examination of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes.

Price NOK 2700,-


Cyst puncture

Price NOK 2700,-


Minor surgical procedures

Price NOK 2700,-


Condylomata freezing

Price NOK 2700,-


Appointments for The Fertility Test, gynaecologist or ultrasound, must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the agreed hour to avoid a fee (NOK 800 for The Fertility Test and NOK 570 for gynaecology/ultrasound)

All prices are subject to change. We make reservations for errors. Prices are valid from January 2024.

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