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We help couples and singles to become a family.

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The most important wish many couples and singles have is to start a family. Unfortunately, many people feel that something is missing when they do not become pregnant.

Since 2006, we have offered an individually adapted IVF and fertility treatment to couples and singles throughout Norway. We have grown and are now the largest fertility clinic in Norway, with four departments.

Many who come to us have previously had fertility treatment and IVF trials. It is, therefore, important to get to grips with each individual case. We know from experience that many factors can affect the results. Therefore, together with each couple, we prepare a personal treatment plan.

Most people who come to us begin their fertility journey with The Fertility Test. The test is adapted to the couple's situation and needs.

Vi har også en undersøkelse for enslige som ønsker å avklare sin fertilitet.

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The Fertility Test.

Have you not become pregnant after a few months? Then The Fertility Test with us can give you the answers you need. If you order the check from us, we can uncover reasons and give you solutions.

Many people are bothered by not understanding why pregnancy is not possible. The Fertility Test gives you the answers you need - simply and at a reasonable price. There is no waiting time, and you do not need a referral.

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Fertility (IVF)

Klinikk Hausken helps couples and singles who want children. Have you tried without success? Then we first recommend The Fertility Test. The clinic also helps those who have had previous trials. Both heterosexual, lesbian couples and single women receive treatment with us.

Treatments at the fertility department

  • The Fertility Test
  • IVF
  • Insemination
  • Donor spem
  • Semen analysis test
  • and much more...
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Gynaecology and gynaecological examinations.

All our departments have experienced gynecologists who are ready to help you. You do not need a referral from your GP to book an appointment with us.

We help women of all ages and also offer ultrasounds for pregnant women. Our skilled gynecologists help you with routine examinations and we do most examinations in our bright and delicate clinics.

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Do you need an appointment with a gynaecologist? All our departments have gynaecologists with long experience. We do most gynaecological examinations. You do not need a referral from your GP to book an appointment with us. Usually, there is no waiting time.

Treatments gynaecology department

  • Pap smear
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Ultrasound for pregnant women
  • Prenatal check up
  • Contraceptions
  • And much more…
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Customer experiences.

For many, fertility treatment is something completely unknown and perhaps a little scary. There are a lot of thoughts, and it can feel a little lonely. Therefore, some of our patients have shared photos and their stories. It can be good to see that others have had the same thoughts that you may have also.

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IVF - step by step.

Do you find IVF and fertility treatment a bit confusing? Here you get a easy overview of the process. In most cases, we use "Short Protocol". However, in some cases, pre-treatment is necessary before the woman starts hormone stimulation. That is called "Long Protocol". Click the links for a simple and step by step overview of the process.

IVF step by step
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"Klinikk Hausken has modern clinics in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen og Haugesund. We are where you are."

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Our team of doctors and embryologists work with the latest and innovative technology

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Leader in Norway

The clinic has grown since 2006. We help more singles and couples with IVF treatment than anyone else.

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You get a personally tailored treatment plan. It is an important reason for our success rate.

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