Assisted fertilisation with egg donation - new approval.

Doctor signing documents
Dr Jon W. Hausken

May 24, 2021

Doctor signing documents

Klinikk Hausken receives approval from the Norwegian Directorate of Health - recruitment of egg donors, establishment of an egg bank and assisted fertilisation with egg donation.

This is good news for us and many women and couples throughout Norway. There have been significant changes in the Biotechnology Act recently. But this issue with egg donation has dragged out a bit. Therefore, we are very happy to get the approval from the Norwegian Directorate of Health in place. For many, this will mean a great deal. The approval involves several changes and opportunities for our patients. Let's look at these one by one.

Klinikk Hausken is establishing an egg bank.

Two of Klinikk Hausken's departments will set up an egg bank. The clinic in Haugesund is the headquarters for the four clinics and is now establishing an egg bank. This is also a natural choice since it is close to the clinics in Bergen and Stavanger. The clinic in Oslo is also launching an egg bank immediately. Together, the two egg banks will be very close to a large part of the population in Norway.

Recruitment of egg donors.

The departments with egg bank will also be responsible for recruiting egg donors. The rules for how this is to take place are quite strict. Potential egg donors must have a conversation with both a doctor and a psychologist before being approved. We have received many inquiries from women who want to donate eggs, and we see that it is often an ethical choice. They simply want to help others fulfil the desire for having children. This is amazing. Klinikk Hausken will continue to work and ensure that the women who wish to donate have good intentions and ensure that they get as good a donor journey as possible.

Treatment of egg donor before egg retrieval in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Haugesund.

All four clinics have been approved to treat women who want to donate eggs. This makes it more convenient for many who do not live near the egg bank itself in Oslo and Haugesund. It is also vital that there is a good dialogue between the woman and the clinic. Before the actual egg retrieval, the woman must have a pre-treatment that lasts for about two weeks.

Egg retrieval takes place at Klinikk Hausken in Oslo or Haugesund.

When the woman has finished the hormone treatment, and it is time for the actual egg retrieval, she must travel to the clinic in Oslo or Haugesund. The woman is reimbursed for documented travel expenses in addition to compensation for time spent and strain. The compensation is set at 5% of 1 G. It is about NOK 5068 in 2021. But for most people, both time and travel costs will be relatively modest.

What about those who will receive donated eggs?

The amendments to the Biotechnology Act that have now entered into force allow heterosexual couples to have assisted fertilization with egg donation. With this approval from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Klinikk Hausken is one of the first in Norway to offer this. All our four clinics will provide treatment with egg donation. We are already in dialogue with many couples who have been waiting anxiously for the opportunity to become a reality.

Partner donation to lesbian couples.

The new approval also means that Klinikk Hausken can offer partner donation to lesbian couples without a medical indication. We see that many want to donate eggs to their partner, who then carries the child. It means a lot to many people, and we are proud that the new legislation allows for this.

Contact us regarding egg donation.

There is a lot of information that we will now post on the website. In the meantime, anyone considering treatment with egg donation and women who want to donate eggs can contact us directly >>

Dr Jon W. Hausken

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.

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