Egg donation at Klinikk Hausken.

Proud mother in hospital bed holding newborn
Dr Jon W. Hausken

March 11, 2021

Proud mother in hospital bed holding newborn

Now the start of egg donation is approaching. The work with the regulations is finished, and now only the consultation process remains.

This will be very exciting, and we look forward to starting up. We have received approval for egg banks in Oslo and Haugesund. Patients from Western Norway will donate eggs in Haugesund, and the same applies to the couples who need egg donation to finally succeed in becoming parents.

Why have we established an offer of egg donation only in Oslo and Haugesund?

It is about quality. We have invested in new equipment in Oslo and Haugesund for precisely this activity. In addition, we have chosen two very experienced embryologists to do the job. Vitrification of eggs, survival and pregnancies is entirely dependent on those who master the technique best also doing the job.

We are already in the process of storing eggs for women who envisage future use, i.e. egg freezing.

We have many couples waiting for egg donations. This means that the work of recruiting women who want to help other couples is important. Many women have already contacted us and said they want to help these couples. Even though we have got women who wish to donate, these women have to go through a screening process before they can be approved as donors. We are still waiting for these regulations and cannot start the process until it is in place. We are waiting in excitement.

There are several ways to carry out egg donation:

  1. You can synchronise the donor and the recipient. The woman who donates eggs does stimulation and egg retrieval as a regular IVF attempt. The eggs are fertilised with the partner's sperm (recipient of egg donation), and then a transfer of fresh embryo is made to the woman (recipient of egg donation).
  2. You do the same as mentioned above in relation to the woman who donates eggs, but one does not synchronise the treatment with the one who is to receive. Instead of fresh transfer, the embryos are frozen. The woman who is to receive then plans a freezing attempt and hours the mucous membrane towards the tin and return of the embryo.
  3. The third method that is approved is to recruit women who want to help. They must undergo stimulation and egg retrieval. These eggs are frozen. This is how you can build up an egg bank over time. This is perhaps the best solution in the long run, but it also takes the longest time. You can not offer egg donation until you have built an egg bank.

You who want to use egg donation must go through a conversation and examination to find the best method - The Fertility Test - egg donation. One must also make an assessment regarding suitability (+ police certificate). We will update the website with ordering options as soon as these factors are in place.

We will try to establish the offer as soon as we can and have already put together a dedicated egg donation group that works towards establishing a good treatment offer in accordance with the regulations.

Dr Jon W. Hausken

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.

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