Klinikk Hausken starts in Stavanger.

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Klinikk Hausken

May 22, 2015

Illustration of map over Norway with pin in Stavanger

Klinikk Hausken is Norway's largest private IVF clinic. Of all IVF clinics in Norway, only Rikshospitalet now performs more treatments per year. Not only have we grown to become a significant player in assisted reproduction, but we also offer the latest and greatest technology. We always focus on the couple's individual situation, which means that we have very good results for the benefit of our patients.

Klinikk Hausken started in Haugesund in April 2006 and quickly became a key player in assisted reproduction. Our patients come from all over the country, but Western Norway is, of course, our core area. To provide a better and closer offer, we started a new IVF clinic in Bergen in September 2013 (KH dept. Bergen). This was an immediate success. Both Haugesund and Bergen are today modern and inviting.

And now we can finally welcome our patients to KH, Stavanger! Klinikk Hausken has very great expertise and offers not only treatment but also a full examination. Our doctors Torolf Holst-Larsen, Arne Schwennicke and Jon Hausken have more than 40 years of experience in the field of infertility. We have no waiting time, and a review with us will quickly clarify the causes and what will be the relevant treatment. In the first instance, KH dept. Stavanger will offer assessment, conversation and information about treatment, monitoring of started treatment and close follow-up afterwards. We will offer hormone treatment and insemination, also with donor sperm. If test tubes are the only alternative, the actual egg retrieval, embryo development and return will still take place in Haugesund. Establishment of KH dept. Stavanger will nevertheless provide a significantly more straightforward process for these patients as well, proximity and closer follow-up.

Vi opened on Monday 18 May and met happy and excited couples. Our establishment finally gives the Stavanger region a local offer to couples who do not achieve pregnancy with experts in the field. We have been looking forward to this for a long time and are now looking forward to embarking.

Where are we located? At Forus, next door to IKEA, in the same building as the Forus emergency room. (Klinikk Hausken is now located at Eiganesveien 10-12 in the center of Stavanger.)

Welcome to Klinikk Hausken in Stavanger. We are here for you.

Klinikk Hausken

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