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Interior of modern laboratory
Klinikk Hausken

March 7, 2017

Interior of modern laboratory

Since 2006, customers have flocked to our clinics around the country. Now that we are opening a clinic in Oslo, it will be easier for many patients to come to us. We look forward to this new chapter, and we look forward to helping even more couples fulfil their dream.

You will meet a professional team in the new clinic with many years of experience. The professional environment at Klinikk Hausken collaborates closely and across the four clinics. Our customers benefit from this.

Fertility is an exciting subject area that requires constant updating. In connection with the opening, there are mainly three areas where we can offer updated technology and expertise.

3d rendering of new clinic interior
Krohnark has delivered an interior that is in line with our DNA. The interior is visually impressive and, at the same time, user-friendly. Seven hundred square meters with the latest technological expertise in gynaecology and fertility. Easily accessible on Lysaker Torg with a parking garage next door and Lysaker Station 3 minutes away.

Technology that increases your chances.

Sperm analyser (SCA® CASA System)

Sometimes, it is the sperm that is the cause of missed pregnancy. In fact, this is the case more often than we previously thought. When it is the sperm that is the cause of fertility problems, it is often because DNA is damaged or has so-called fragmentation. This can reduce embryo development and can prevent a successful pregnancy. To offer patients the best opportunity, we have invested in the most modern and advanced sperm analyser on the market (SCA® CASA System).

How can this help you and your partner get pregnant?

In patients where the sperm have structural damage, we can now separate sperm with fragmented DNA. When we use the "SCA DNA Fragmentation" module, we increase your pregnancy chances.

Incubator and Embryo Monitoring (Geri Genea Biomedx)

We have been early adaptors of embryo monitoring technology for several years, the so-called Embryoscope. In the new clinic in Lysaker, we now have the very latest in embryo monitoring - Geri Genea Biomedx. This is an incubator with integrated monitoring of the embryos. It has an individual chamber for each embryo and provides an optimal environment. Each chamber also has its own camera that monitors the development of the embryo over time.

How does embryo monitoring contribute to your fertility treatment?

When we can monitor the development of the embryos, we have the opportunity to choose those that show the best potential. This technique has revolutionized fertility treatment. Since the monitoring is now built into the incubator, unnecessary disturbances to the embryo are avoided. With the new software, the image quality has also become more accurate. Overall, this increases the precision and the ability to select the optimal embryo that leads to a successful pregnancy.

Eeva ™ Test

This test monitors the early phase of the embryo from day 1-3. The test makes a video of the embryo and analyzes it directly in the incubator without disturbance. The results make it possible to predict the potential of each embryo safely and objectively.

Klinikk Hausken

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