Chlamydia! Help!! But is it really that dangerous?

Woman folding her hands over her stomach
Klinikk Hausken

January 29, 2015

Woman folding her hands over her stomach

We know that Chlamydia infection can cause an abdominal infection that results in impaired fallopian tube function, which can cause problems getting pregnant.

What happens? Chlamydia infection causes an inflammation that can destroy the cilia in the fallopian tube or, even worse, adhesions that destroy the natural motor movement of the fallopian tube. Both of these functions must work for the egg or a fertilised egg to be transported to the uterine cavity. Chlamydia infection can therefore lead to difficulties in getting pregnant due to reduced or damaged fallopian tube function, often called "clogged fallopian tubes"

The press loves to write about it! Casual sex, high risk of Chlamydia with subsequent sterility. Many people naturally get super stressed by this. Terrified that one has been infected and runs and tests oneself. Bad conscience and fear that future children's wishes have been ruined. How could I be so stupid?

However, all the literature shows that the chance of inflicting an infertility problem is minor. If you do not have symptoms of abdominal infection and get tested for safety, only a few per cent of those who get a positive test will get "clogged fallopian tubes". The vast majority will not get any damage at all. It is important to know!

Of course, this does not mean that one should ignore the problem. Chlamydia can cause "clogged fallopian tubes", and it is, therefore, wise to test yourself if you feel the reason for this.

But remember that if you feel healthy, you are usually healthy! One should not go around worrying about things unnecessarily.

"What if I got a severe inflammation that caused" clogged fallopian tubes "then?" If that should happen, there is still help to be had. IVF will, in most cases, give the desired result.

Klinikk Hausken

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