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Paper hearts in a test tube
Klinikk Hausken

October 20, 2010

Paper hearts in a test tube

From 2008, we will start a study that will look at the probability of having children after having had three or more negative attempts at other clinics. Our preliminary figures show that half of these will succeed if they go on a new round here with us.

The study will run over two years and is a collaboration with Serono Norway. We aim to publish the results of this study in Human Reproduction. Studies published previously have looked at the probability of having children on 3 or 4 attempts. This study thus aims at how it goes with the couples who have not succeeded before but still go on a new round. The study will be the first of its kind. The results from this will be significant when we try to give advice to the patients who make contact. Is there any point in trying further, or is it time to give up?

Klinikk Hausken

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