VG article on AMH tests.

Microscope in modern laboratory
Klinikk Hausken

February 14, 2014

Microscope in modern laboratory

On 13 February, VG had a series of articles stating that there have been incorrect answers to a number of AMH tests that have been performed in recent years. Since we have used this test, we feel it is important to shed light on how the answers to such a hormone test are used.

As part of the study, a number of factors are used as a basis for finding the best possible treatment plan, including age, any previous treatments, counting of antral follicles and blood test results. AMH is one of the hormones being tested, and the result can give an early indication of the course of treatment. It will nevertheless be seen in connection with everything else that is examined and will never alone be able to say what treatment is to be done. For example, if you have had a low AMH result, but many antral follicles, then the number of follicles is most important. The woman is more than a blood sample, and it is the whole couple who are examined. This is one of the reasons why we want you to come for a new interview, even if you have been to treatment before.

The AMH test alone does not have and will not form the basis for whether you receive treatment or not.

So if you want a full examination, contact us for a new appointment. We will still measure AMH, but as a small part of the whole.

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Klinikk Hausken

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